Creating A Brighter Home For Summer

I don’t know about you but I absolutely love the summer. Longer days, fantastic weather and everyone in a perpetually good mood; what’s not to love? Summer is definitely one of mine and I am sure, one of many people’s favourite seasons and it is clear to see why but for homeowners the onset of glorious sunshine presents a few challenges.

Whilst facing a dark and dreary winter, whether a large family home, a small home or a studio apartment we can all very easily let things in our homes slip. Decor falls to the back of our mind and spring cleaning feels as though it is a whole world away and with our main aim generally being to keep warm, it is no surprise that when the summer months do arrive, our homes appear to carry the aftermath of a miserable winter.

With that in mind there comes no surprise that a lot of homeowners love nothing more than to give their homes a refresh in the summer. A fantastic chance to shake off the aftermath of the winter blues and add a bit of sunshine into your lives, giving your home a summer makeover is definitely a great way to

Want to know how to give your home a summer refresh? Then keep the following points in mind…

    • Refresh- The summer is all about light and brightness and in order to shake off the depressing winter it is important to let the sunshine in. Although it is not easy to exactly add new windows to any of your rooms there is no reason why you cannot make any part of your home brighter. From a fresh coat of paint on the walls, changing to lighter colours to replacing current windows or simply giving the ones you have a good polish can make a great deal of difference. One of the best tips is to de clutter the home, make extra space and put what you don’t need into storage; the more space that your home has, the easier light can creep through.


    • Mirrors- One of the best tips, particularly for those with small spaces is to hang mirrors. A good-sized mirror on the wall of any room can add a great notion of space and with light bouncing off in all directions; everything can quickly seem a lot brighter.


    • Lighting- Many rooms will often have areas with small windows or perhaps none at all, these can become increasingly hard to be in during the summer months. Consider some artificial lighting whether this is an additional lamp or ceiling spotlights it can provide brightness that the room in question needed.


  • Accessories- From the dark, oversized painting you have hanging on the wall to the large plant that takes up an entire corner; there are certain accessories that can quickly cause a room to appear dull. Try not to have too many things on display, particularly if they take up a lot of space and think about what you can do to create more space and brighten everything up.